Single Review: Kyla La Grange – So Sweet

Kyla La Grange So Sweet

Kyla La Grange unleashes brand new pop stomper
Kyla La Grange released her (criminally overlooked) album Cuth Your Teeth last year and is already back on track for a next phase. You might know the title track from the remix Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo made of it. Not that it really needed any upgrade as the original was fantastic, but it helped to make it a hit in a few countries, so that’s a good thing. There were quite a few more pop gems on the record that deserved to be hits, but she is now putting forward ‘So Sweet’, the first single of a potential third album and let’s be fair: it sounds delicious.

‘So Sweet’ is not miles away from the indie pop sound she produced on Cut Your Teeth, but at the same time it is more uptempo and swinging. The verses start out atmospheric and then a big and long big build up towards the chorus follows. And the chorus delivers! Suddenly some eighties sounding synths come in and it’s just uplifting and catchy as hell. La Grange explained to PopJustice how the contrast between the verses and chorus was intentional: “I started out with this arpeggiated jerky tuba type sound that I really liked but then wanted the choruses to feel a bit more cinematic with the dreamy guitars and harmonies.” It’s hard to say if radio could pick this up, but I think it could definitely take her career to a next level.

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