Song of the Day: Heather LaRose – Beachside

Heather LaRose

Although the summer has left us for a year in most parts of Europe we can extend the feeling of sunny weather and warm breezes with 3 more minutes (or more if you dig this as much as I do and put it on replay). Heather LaRose offers us some sunlight through the ears with her brand new single and title track of her upcoming EP ‘Beachside’. The New York based singer-songwriter is just starting out with her career as a pop star and this first single immediately has my attention.

Except from summer and sunshine, what does it sound like? It’s very catchy indie pop, driven by drums, synths and guitars with a breezy vibe and an earworm chorus and a massive doo-doo-doo part. This is the kind of track on which you would picture yourself cruising down the coast, sunbathing on a boat or of course, chilling down the beachside. On SoundCloud, Heather LaRose explained about the lyrics: “I was on Norwegian Cruise Line to the Bahamas and met this super sexy Norwegian man and we had an amazing summer fling.” Anyone who has ever seen men from Scandinavia will probably relate to that! That’s a way to crash into the music scene with such a single. Welcome Heather, excited to hear the EP!

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