Introducing: Bianca Gisselle

bianca gisselle

Bianca Gisselle shows off huge voice on debut EP
In this day and age, lots of successful artists started their career by singing covers on YouTube. The American singer-songwriter Bianca Gisselle could be next. The young woman with a big voice has recently been covering all kinds of current pop hits as part of her ‘Music Mondays’, but that is not all. She actually recorded her very own debut EP called Get Back To Love, which she co-wrote herself and this sounds very promising. Her vocals are undeniably strong and the tunes are well produced, swinging and moving! We’re talking about a versatile talent here!

On her Music Mondays Bianca shows she as a great ear for good pop tunes as she recently covered ‘Cool For The Summer’ by Demi Lovato and ‘Good For You’ by Selena Gomez. This is always a good sign, because she is influenced by the right kind of tracks. She sings the song with a lot of power and soul, seemingly effortlessly. The same goes for her own output. The EP starts with the moody ‘Run You’ that makes clear you should not mess with miss Gisselle because she will ‘run you out of this town’. The soulful twist on the pop track suits her voice perfectly and everything about it is just powerful. The single ‘Baby Shake’ takes on a lighter note, but still has the swinging soul combined with a great pop hook.

She goes a little more electronic on the atmospheric ballad ‘Ghost’ on which she asks herself how she ended up alone and why her love interest left her there ‘to fight the ghost alone’. A truly beautiful song with a soaring chorus. ‘It Girl’ is a beautiful ode to a faded it girl and is the most subtle and restrained moment of the EP. The vocal hurricane is back on closing track ‘Give It Up’, which sonically lies somewhere in between ‘Wings’ by Little Mix and Christina Aguilera’s version of ‘Car Wash’. Big vocals, swing, poppy hooks and soulful vibes. Those are the four things Bianca Gisselle is able to offer us and that’s quite a lot! Be prepared to hear more from this insanely talented young woman!

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