Single Review: Annie – Cara Mia / Dadaday

Annie Endless Vacation

Annie brings summer back with upcoming ‘Endless Vacation’ EP
One wouldn’t expect Norway to be the place that delivers summer hits, but Anne Lilia Berge Strand, better known as Annie, begs to disagree. The Norwegian electro pop singer-songwriter is preparing the release of her upcoming EP Endless Vacation and the first two tracks, ‘Cara Mia’ and ‘Dadaday’, already dropped. The 38 years old singer and DJ who brought us perfect pop gems like ‘Heartbeat’ (2005), ‘I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me’ (2008) and ‘Songs Remind Me Of You’ (2009), now dives into Europop and disco territory with the new release and I ain’t complaining.

I could write a whole lot of words about the sound and vibe of Annie’s new material, but she described it pretty accurately to The Fader: “The Endless Vacation is a dream, but not necessarily a good one. The artwork represents that. Like, a perfect holiday which is actually a disaster. You’re spending time in a wonderful place but with someone who you don’t have anything to talk about with. But if you looked at the holiday photos everything would still look good on the surface. ‘Dadaday’ is a sad song from this holiday… like you are left alone in the hotel disco.” That is about right! ‘Dadaday’ is irrestibly catchy europop that reminds of the glorious days of the 90s, but at the same time has a melancholic atmosphere. It’s perfect for the swith of seasons we’re in right now.

The first single, which premiered last week, is called ‘Cara Mia’ and is sexy electronic pop with a lot of whispering and an undeniable hook (‘I love it when you say..’). Imagine listening to this with a light breeze going through your hair and some soft sunshine on your skin… Oh and can we just take a minute to appreciate that fabulous cassette like cover art! Annie is back, ladies and gentlemen!

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