Song of the Day: LORIS – Crazy



Electro pop band from Northern Ireland releases hit worthy ‘Crazy’
Can there ever be enough electro pop bands with female vocals? Of course not! The more the better, especially when they sound as good as LORIS, an upcoming band from Northern Ireland. They already received some support from the influential BBC Radio 1, but they are going for more with the brand new single ‘Crazy’, a catchy, electronic pop number driven by pulsing drums and captivating vocals. Is it radio friendly? Yes. Is it hit worthy? Yeah! Does this need a bigger audience? Well, hell yeah!

LORIS consists of lead vocalist Frances Mitchell, guitarist Tommy Keery, drummer Chris Scott and keyboardist Michael Mormecha. Their single ‘Yeah!’ did get quite some recognition in the UK with its Haim like indie pop sound. Their new track ‘Crazy’ leans more towards energetic electro pop, slightly comparable to the sound of the band Chvrches. These comparisons don’t mean that LORIS haven’t found their own little style yet, because they did, not in the last place because of Frances’ distinctive and emotive vocal style. She opens the track with asking: “Can you keep a secret? Promise me you’ll keep it.” Soon after, the drum machines kick in and the chorus is an energetic mix of those lovely vocals, pulsing drums and soaring synths. And that’s all you need for a great electro pop track! Keep an eye on these guys!


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