Single Review: Enya – Echoes in Rain

enya dark sky island

Enya is back in style
Yes, you are reading this right! Enya is back! The Irish folk singer who brought us super hits like ‘Only Time’ and ‘Orinoco Flow’ took a long, long break, but last month her website got a make over, announcing Enya would release another album. Her last effort was the Christmas album And Winter Came… and came out in 2008. Her new studio album, Dark Sky Island, will be released on the 20th of November and the first single, ‘Echoes In Rain’, was premiered today on British radio and soon after that a lyric video appeared online. In those eight years, her sound didn’t really change and rightfully so, because why change a winning method?

After the first notes of the song it is clear that Enya sticks to what she does best. The beautiful, ethereal sound is immediately there and her vocals sound as haunting and gorgeous as they always have. The chorus is big and sounds like an echo in the mind. The repetition of ‘Alleluiah’ is captivating, although it does get a little bit repetitive towards the end of the song. Still it is good to hear Enya can still create this very special sonic atmosphere and I’m absolutely sure there still is a big market for her unique and captivating sound when the album comes out. Welcome back!

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