Single Review: Ellie Goulding – Something In The Way You Move

Ellie Goulding Something in the way you move

Ellie Goulding launches light and upbeat second promo single
It was already clear that Ellie Goulding moved from indie pop territory to full on big pop star in the past two years. This transformation was completed with the release of the single ‘On My Mind’ last month. It was the first track taken from her upcoming third album Delirium and it was not what I, and quite a few other Goulding fans, hoped for. The track is repetitive, lacks personality and most of all, the chorus falls flat. Now she tries her luck with the second promo single, called ‘Something In The Way You Move’. An improvement to ‘On My Mind’? Yes. Up to Ellie Goulding’s standard? Nope.

Ellie and her team decided to launch promo singles in advance of the November release for Delirium. The first one is a carefree, uptempo written by Goulding herself in collaboration with Greg Kurstin, who has an impressive CV including great collaborations with Sia, P!nk and Kelly Clarkson. He worked with Goulding before, for the tracks ‘Burn’ and ‘Goodness Gracious’, released on Halcyon Days. ‘Burn’ started the more poppy trend in Ellie’s sound and that’s clearly hearable in ‘Something In The Way You Move’ as well. The production is servicable, the vibe is light and the chorus is very catchy, although again slightly repetitive. Let’s be clear her that this is in no way a bad pop song and will probably do well on radio, but the problem, again, is that it’s just too faceless to be released by the Ellie Goulding who made the fantastic Halcyon album. This would have fitted better on the recent Carly Rae Jepsen album for example. Nothing wrong with that, but we all know Ellie can do better.

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