Single Review: MØ – Kamikaze

Mo Kamikaze cover

MØ is ready for another hit with next Diplo collaboration
Since last summer, basically everyone who didn’t live under a rock does know who MØ is. The Danish indie artist was catapulted into stardom when ‘Lean On’, her collaboration with the hit producers of Major Lazer, became one of the biggest hits of the season wordwide. The combination of her quirky little style and the pumping beats and banging rhythms of Major Lazer turned out to be a golden one. And you know what they say: never change a winning team. That’s why MØ teamed up with Diplo (part of Major Lazer) again for her brand new single ‘Kamikaze’. They sure have another hit on their hands!

The success of ‘Lean On’ slightly changed the direction of MØ’s solo career as well. It’s not that she sounds ultimately commercial now and sold out, but the specific sound with huge beats, an instrumental post chorus and the eastern influences is back on ‘Kamikaze’. I would say the new single is a little less commercial and even a bit more quirky, but it does have enough cross over appeal to become a hit on radio, especially as she is hot right now. The shouty parts over the instrumental post chorus are infectious to say the least and the chorus itself is so, so catchy. I dare you to not sing ‘kami kamikaze’ for the rest of the day. Impossible! MØ once again manages to sound effortlessly cool and I guess radio internationally will eat this up.

MØ premiered the video for ‘Kamikaze’ and it is a story about rebelling youth picking fights and having party’s. MØ is the shining centre of attention sitting on top of a driving car, on a couch on an excavator and every once in a while bursting out in an infectious dance routine.

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