Single Review: Billie Marten – Bird

Billie Marten Bird cover

Billie Marten impresses with touching new single ‘Bird’
Sometimes you hear a song and you just can’t believe the person who is actually behind it, is still so young. Remember when you first heard Birdy’s cover of ‘Skinny Love’ and you were shocked she was only 14 years old? You are in for another surprise. Upcoming singer-songwriter Billie Marten has just released her new single ‘Bird’, taken from the As Long As EP, to be released later this year. This deep and moving piano ballad sounds like it was written and performed by an experienced and celebrated musician, but it’s actually the only 16-years-old new artist from North Yorkshire in England.

‘Bird’ is a slow burning track that creeps up on you with a moving story about a young girl who is ‘caught as a bird once free’. She explained to The Line of Best Fit how the song deals with how ‘words can affect people and not always for the right reasons’.The lyricism on this one is deep and moving with sentences like: “Hope is a distance unreached, ink on a skin incomplete and the faint sound of friends as she nears to the end, she had peace.” Billie’s vocals sound angelic and mature at the same time and she is convincing in the way she tells the story. Especially her delivery of the repeated sentence ‘I don’t mind’ is totally captivating. In the video for ‘Bird’ we see scenes of Billie performing the track, intersersed with scenes of the ‘she’ on a journey towards the water. What a way to take your still young career to the next level. Give it a month or two and this will be all over the radio.

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  1. What an incredible voice Billie Marten has! The single Bird is really beautiful. It let me think of Birdy but she does not have the same voice. It is different but beautiful too! I like that! I never heard of Billie Marten before but I like this song so I will listen to other songs from her as well.

    Greetings by Sophie

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