Single Review: Justin Bieber – Sorry

Justin Bieber Purpose Sorry
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Justin Bieber strikes again with new single ‘Sorry’
Justin Bieber recently managed to turn the public perception about him around in quite a short amount of time. His collaboration with Jack Ü called ‘Where Are U Now’ marked a change where he was taken more seriously as a pop star and he outdid himself on ‘What Do You Mean’, the first single from his upcoming album Purpose, which reached number 1 almost everywhere in the world and is by far the biggest international hit of his career. It is always hard to follow up such a huge success, but it seems he found a suitable successor in ‘Sorry’. Bieber just premiered the ‘dance version’ of the music video and it sounds delicious!

Stylistically, ‘Sorry’ is not miles away from the sound he found on ‘Where Are U Now’ and ‘What Do You Mean’. It could be described as catchy pop with a light dance vibe, which suits his voice, persona and the moment in his career very well. The rhythm in the verses is actually quite similar to ‘bubbling’ and has a slight tropical atmosphere around it. Vocally, Bieber has grown a lot and his whispering tone in the verses sounds mature and convincing. In the parts where he confesses he is sorry, his delivery is emotive and his voice crystal clear. The chorus is once again undeniably catchy and the way it is produced is very contemporary if you think of the successes of his ‘Where Are U Now’ and Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’. I am absolutely sure radio will eat this up. ‘Sorry’ is going to be another chart topper and will lead to big sales for his album Purpose, released on 13 November.

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