Video Premiere: Mariann Rosa – Frikkin’ Fantastic

Mariann Rosa Frikkin fantastic

Mariann Rosa premieres video for energetic single ‘Frikkin” Fantastic’
In Norway, Mariann Rosa doesn’t really need an introduction anymore. The singer, songwriter, DJ and style icon gained fame and success as the front woman of the pop and rock band Surferosa. She became a judge on the Norwegian Idol panel and now she is pursuing a solo career. This week Mariann actually launched her debut album called HYPE in her home country. To promote and celebrate this special occasion, she recorded a video for the second single ‘Frikkin’ Fantastic’, which premieres today on A Bit of Pop Music!

People who have followed the career of Mariann, already know that she wants to mix genres and styles just how she likes it and that is what she did on ‘Frikkin’ Fantastic’ as well! “It’s about being free, strong and independent! It’s a fun song with a weird twist…just like me!”, she explains. The weird twist would be the unexpected, but interestingly effective swith from youthful and fresh pop/rock to deep hiphop beats in a laidback rhythm. Her vocals go from shouty and powerful to deep and hypnotic. In the last chorus it all magically comes together on this edgy, fun and energetic pop hybrid.

Mariann wouldn’t be Mariann if she didn’t turn up in some eye catching and futuristic outfits (designed by VALLEVIK) for her video, directed by Kassandra Powell and Loukas Elark. We see her walking in a dark tunnel in which she is chased by drooling zombie-like creatures with crazy eyes who dance and even twerk up a wall while the song plays. “The directors came up with a storyline inspired by my lyrics and the mood of the song. It was this amazing zombie-transforming video with London´s coolest club-kids. I´m crazyhappy with the result”, she explained. Will she escape or will she join the freakshow? See for yourself!

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