Song of the Day: Anna of the North – The Dreamer

Anna of the North the dreamer

Anna of the North launches hypnotic track ‘The Dreamer’
As we all know, the best electronic pop usually comes from Scandinavia. Anna of the North is another important part of evidence to prove this statement. Singer Anna Lotterud from Oslo met producer Little Dreamer in Australia and Anna of the North was born. They debuted in the music scene with the single ‘Sway’ earlier this year and now they are back with the even better ‘The Dreamer’. There is no news yet on the release of a debut album, but this song and the atmospheric video make clear that this Norwegian pop act means business.

“I feel so uninspired, all the songs that I write are about you, you’re not about me anymore”, Anna sadly admits in the first lines of the track. The lyrics deal with a story about a girl who just came out of a relationship, but still wants to be with her ex lover while he moved on. In the chorus she tries to convince herself to let him go with the words: “It’s not about you, it’s not about you anymore.” The repetition of this sentence in the chorus is quite hypnotic. Anna’s voice sounds fragile and emotive throughout the song and the production is quite bold for such a moving and sad track. The banging drums and soaring synths are omnipresent throughout.

Anna of the North recorded a suiting video for the song in her hometown Jessheim and we see her biking through town, walking through green fields and struggling with a break up while doing her every day business. Simple but yet so effective and even when she is sad she looks very cool, we have to hand that to her. I’m so ready for an Anna of the North EP or album now!

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