Song of the Day: Niki & the Dove – Play It On My Radio

Niki & the Dove play it on my radio

Niki & the Dove return after three years with brand new single
Niki & the Dove made us wait quite a while. Around three years after they released their debut record Instinct, they finally came back with brand new material. The electro pop band from Sweden (yeah, where else?), consisting of Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf, ended up in the top 5 of BBC’s Sound of 2012, but did not yet turn this promising achievement into international hits. Maybe this will change with the release of the catcy new tune they just released, called ‘Play It On My Radio’, the first single from a new era.

For their debut album Niki & the Dove mainly focused on a so called ‘indietronic’ style with uptempo electro pop beats. The new track sounds a bit more laidback with a slow burning chorus. The vocal effects, drum machines and soaring synths are very much on point and the instrumentation brings back the eighties. The chorus itself is catchy and the overall vibe and atmosphere of the song is just very pleasant and warm. Let’s hope this track will not only be played on Niki & the Dove’s radio, but on the Swedish and international stations as well. They deserve it.

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