Introducing: Hannah Boleyn

Hannah Boleyn

British soul talent ready for impact with new single
Have you heard the mighty voice of new British soulpop talent Hannah Boleyn yet? No? Well, I suggest you do so now. The talented lady treated the world to her debut album, appropriately titled The Boleyn Affair, in October and she is promoting the release with a string of singles at the moment. She pushed forward her finest moment so far, called ‘Permission To Leave’, that will be released officially on the 6th of November. It’s soulful, it’s swinging and it’s catchy. Do we need anything more ladies and gentlemen? Nope, not really!

That’s what the people at Radio 2 in Britain must have thought as well, as they started playing the track, just like her impressive debut single ‘When You’re Gone’, a powerful soulpop effort with big and haunting vocals that have their place somewhere in between Rebecca Ferguson, Paloma Faith and Amy Winehouse. That’s about the best comparisons you can get when it comes to contemporary female vocal pop with a soul twist, right? ‘Permission To Leave’ is a track with dark and suspenseful verses and a bright, melodic chorus with that wall of sound effect we love when it comes to this genre (think Ella Henderson’s ‘Ghost’ or John Newman’s ‘Love Me Again’). Hannah is convincing when she delivers those lyrics full of attitude with that deep and larger than life voice of hers.

You might want to check out the rest of The Boleyn Affair as well, especially for the light drum and bass and slow soaring chorus of ‘Insignificant’ and the piano based swing of ‘It’s Ok’. Oh, and if you like the 90’s Robin S classic ‘Show Me Love’, you might like Hannah’s take on it as well. Remember her name and especially that voice, you might get to hear it more often soon!

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