Single Review: Ellie Goulding – Army

Ellie Goulding Delirium

Ellie Goulding finally sounds a bit like Ellie Goulding on new single ‘Army’
As we all know, Ellie Goulding is about to drop a new album, called Delirium, next week. The British singer-songwriter started a campaign for which she released a new song every week until the album release. This week, the new track is ‘Army’, not really a promo single, but actually the second official single taken from the record. Frequent readers of this blog might have already realized that I am not a big fan of this new era for Ellie. ‘On My Mind’ was just a tuneless mess if you ask me that didn’t even come close to the standard Ellie produced before and ‘Something In The Way You Move’ was nice enough, but could also have been recorded by Carly Rae Jepsen or any other pop singer. After the release of the not really single worthy ‘Lost & Found’ last week she is now back with ‘Army’ that finally sounds like actual Ellie Goulding!

Remember when Ellie took the world by storm with the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack ‘Love Me Like You Do’ earlier this year? The Max Martin penned song ended on top the charts everywhere around the world. And why not try to recreate such a moment? ‘Army’ is once again written and produced by Max Martin and Ali Payami, but this time around Ellie herself co-wrote as well and you actually hear the difference. Although the tracks are similar in terms of pace and build up, ‘Army’ sounds a bit more personal and could have taken a place on her previous record Halcyon as well. On this song we can actually feel what Ellie sings, especially in the ad lips towards the end. It’s a sweet love song with a great finale that needs a performance with falling fireworks in the background. It will probably not be as huge as ‘Love Me Like You Do’ in terms of charts and momentum, but it will definitely help to sell Delirium next week.

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  1. They’re playing it constantly on Radio 1 right now so it’s definiteyl going to be a hit. Not my fave off the album but it’s nice and quite touching. I would have preferred “Around U” or “Codes” as a single instead.

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