Single Review: Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You

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Justin Bieber releases music video recorded in Iceland
Justin Bieber is on a roll lately. After his single ‘What Do You Mean’ became a huge international success he decided to quickly follow up with the new track ‘Sorry’, that would have been another international number 1 if it wasn’t for Adele releasing her comeback on the same date. Justin is busy promoting the release of his new record, called Purpose, which will come out on the 13th of November. In the meantime he released a promo single called ‘I’ll Show You’, once again produced by Skrillex. The track is a bit more down tempo than the two previous ones, but it still got his recent electronic sound, that seems the dominant style on the upcoming album.

‘I’ll Show You’ is an engaging ballad that looks back at the tougher times in his career. He went through a lot of media scandals and image problems over the past two years, but he is ready to let us hear his side of the story. “My life is like a movie and everyone’s watching”, he opens. “Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing, when the pressure comes down like lightning”, he defends himself. “Don’t forget that I’m human, don’t forget that I’m real”, he asks the press, people who judged him and basically everyone. People might criticize him again for ‘playing the victim’ on this song, but I would say he sounds honest and open and just as important, ‘I’ll Show You’ is a beautiful song with a lush production that takes centre stage during the chorus breakdown.

Bieber dit a little tourist trip to Iceland it seems and they created the video out of footage his team shot here. We see him running around the gorgeous landscapes, bathing in a glacier lake in his undies and skateboarding on the famous plane wreck on a black sand beach. Beautiful images that suit the laidback vibe of the track. 3 out 3 so far Justin!

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