Single Review: Sia – Bird Set Free

Sia This Is Acting

Sia releases second Adele collaboration as promo single
Sia sure knows how to strike the iron while it is hot. In september she made a glorious return with the single ‘Alive’, co-written by and for Adele. As we all know, Adele made her big comeback in the meantime as well and she is basically everything everyone is talking about in the music industry at the moment. Sia wrote another song for Adele’s record (together with miss Adkins herself) that got rejected in the end and she now decided to launch it as a promo single for the album This Acting, released in January.

Sia explained in an interview with Ryan Seacrest about the concept behind This Is Acting that consists of tracks she wrote for other people (BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Shakira and of course Adele) and that is why it feels like acting to her. She also told how Adele rejected ‘Bird Set Free’ in the end, because she thought it sounded more like a Sia song. She actually had a good point. Although I could have imagined Adele belting out the powerful ‘Alive’ with larger than live vocals, ‘Bird Set Free’ seems to fit Sia better as it is in the same vein as for example the beautiful ballads ‘Big Girls Cry’ and ‘Eye of the Needle’. Melodically it is het another powerful pop track that only Sia seems to be able to write. The ‘I don’t wanna die’ bridge towards the chorus is quite a moment. Lyrically it seems to deal with a love for music and the urge to express emotions through singing. “I don’t care if I sing off key, I found myself in my melodies. I sing for love, I sing for me, I shout it out like a bird set free.” You keep doing that Sia and we will keep loving you!

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