Single Review: Kyla La Grange – Skin

Kyla La Grange Skin

Kyla La Grange releases sad and sensual new single
Kyla La Grange is on a roll! The British singer-songwriter came back swinging a few months ago with the brilliantly poppy single ‘So Sweet’ and now it is time to launch another brand new track called ‘Skin’. The singer, who experienced her most successful moment so far with the Kygo remix of her single ‘Cuth Your Teeth’, takes things down a notch this time with a sensitive, but at the same time sensual, rather dark anthem about seeing the love of her life with another girl. Oh, the feels!

The verses open with deep and dark┬ábass sound that creates a contrast with the emotive vocals of Kyla. “Cause I keep seeing her lips on your lips”, she sings with a broken heart. La Grange is one to tell her love interest when it is enough though: “I’m so done with this my love!”, she declares. After a few listens the production keeps unfolding, for example in the bridge where her vocals are used as a background choir with a high pitch. The outro dives into heavily electronic territory and it all suits the emotional layers of the lyrics. Compared to ‘So Sweet’ this is a whole lot less catchy and radiofriendly, but at the same time ‘Skin’ makes up for this with personality. Kyla is convincing and believable. This comes right from the heart and I love it!

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