Single Review: Sia – One Million Bullets

Sia This Is Acting

Sia unleashes powerful love song of upcoming album
As we all know, Sia is in full promotion of her upcoming record called This Is Acting. The album will feature songs she has written for other artists (that’s why it feels like acting to her to perform them herselves) and the release is planned for the end of January. While the first single, powerhouse confidence anthem ‘Alive’, is still gaining impact with radio plays, the release of the music video and several big tv show performances, Sia is already a step ahead of us with the release of ‘One Million Bullets’, the official second single!

‘Alive’ was written together with and for Adele, just like the following promo single ‘Bird Set Free’. Sia has not announced yet with which artist in mind she wrote ‘One Million Bullets’, but it is safe to say it fits her own unique and hurricane like vocals perfectly. The sound does not differ much from either of the two mentioned tracks or the sound of the previous album 1000 Forms of Fear. She once again graces us with mighty powerful pop with a big, soaring chorus. Of course she experiments with the limits of her vocal capability, like on ‘Chandelier’ and she even uses some creepy and shaky echoes to add some emotional layers. The message is clear. Sia is in love and she would not just take one bullet, but actually a million for this person. Relationship material, now isn’t she?

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