Song of the Day: Raphaella – In The Rain


Raphaella unleashes another banger with Persian influences
2016 is definitely going to be a big year for Raphaella. The singer-songwriter from English, Scottish and Persian descent impressed us with the single ‘Fall’ earlier this year, which was chosen as Song of the Day. Today she does it again with the brand new track called ‘In The Rain’. Once again she uses her dual heritage to bring us an exciting sound with Persian instruments and electronic pop, but this time around it is even more uptempo and adventurous.

The song opens with a mysterious intro before the light drum and bass rhythm kicks in, while the Persian instrumentation continues to play a part throughout the whole track. Raphaella developed a sound for herself that combines the best of two worlds and at the same time makes her unique. The repetitions in the chorus (‘I’ll stand in the rain, if you stay’) are once again beyond catchy and even slightly hypnotic. And if that all wasn’t enough it keeps building towards a subtle explosion (I know this sounds contradictory, but you might know what I mean when you listen to it) over the last minute. Bring on an album please, Raphaella, we’re ready!



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