Song of the Day: Whinnie Williams – Too Strong

Whinnie Williams Too Strong

Whinnie Williams is aiming high with new single ‘Too Strong’
Whinnie Williams has been working hard over the past few years for a big break in the music industry. The singer who was born as Jade Williams and performed under the stage name Sunday Girl earlier, released a couple of EPs, worked with Martin Solveig and Professor Green and even co-wrote a song for Madonna. The thing however is, she is a very promising pop star when she does things on her own as well. She just recorded her new single ‘Too Strong’ and this could, and actually should, be her moment!

The song breathes a 60s atmosphere with a subtle bluesy rhythm and some truely smooth, but soulful vocals. The melody in the bridge towards the chorus is already very satisfying, but then the actual chorus comes around and it is huge with a compelling and soaring character. Williams explains how the lyrics of the track are about men who try to be tougher than they actually are, hiding their emotions. “My dad inspired the song!”, she admits. The track is layered with some samples of male vocals to underline this story. The track feels like it was taken out of the 60s (maybe from a Nancy Sinatra record) and then produced again in this day and age and the result is stunning. The same goes for the gorgeous styling by the way. Whinnie is like a modern day version of Brigitte Bardot and in terms of style that is one of the biggest compliments you can get. Whinnie Williams has got what it takes to make it big in 2016 so prepare to hear ‘Too Strong’ many more times!

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