Single Review: Loreen – Under Ytan

Loreen Under Ytan

Loreen releases first single recorded in Swedish
Loreen, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and ‘Euphoria’ hit maker, is probably promoting the release of a second album. The sophomore record was announced earlier this year, but we only got to hear the oustanding singles ‘Paper Light (Higher)’ and ‘I’m In It With You’ so far. She is ready to bring us another single, called ‘Under Ytan’ and it is her first in the Swedish language. It is a cover of a track by Uno Svenningsson and is perfectly suitable for this time of year!

‘Under Ytan’, which means ‘Under the Surface’, was originally recorded by Svenningsson as a guitar pop track, but of course Loreen’s version sounds completely different. She turned it into a moody, electronic ballad which starts out with just her voice and some synths, but halfway through explodes with a lush production and more vocal power. It is safe to say that this is the stuff Loreen should be making. Not necessarily in Swedish of course, if she still wants to have an international career, but this type of moody electro ballads suits her powerful and mystical sounding vocals the best. More of this on a second album, please!


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