Song of the Day: Margaret Berger – Apologize

margaret berger apologize

Margaret Berger goes independent with personal single
Things looked promising for Margaret Berger’s career in 2013. She won the Norwegian preselection for Eurovision with her song ‘I Feed You My Love’ and represented her country gaining a fourth position with the stunning electronic pop anthem. An album was announced, but never saw the light of day after the release of singles ‘Human Race’ and ‘Scream’. The Norwegian singer-songwriter has now decided to go independent with her own label Berger. “I’m so happy and proud to be going independent, after 12 years working in the industry it feels like the right move. The team I’m working with now is also just so kick-ass, and I feel heard and respected in every way, so things couldn’t be better!”, she stated on her own website. Single ‘Apologize’ is the first single released on the label and it is very personal one too!

“The song is very dear to my heart, and I think you will understand why when you hear it. The big question remains, will you feel, will you relate? It is my goal this time around, to not create a dreamworld in wich you can escape, but to offer you a piece of my world, my truth and me basically”, she explained the nature of the tune. To answer your question Margaret, yes we feel it! This feels like an artist pouring her heart out in an emotional song that comes straight from the heart! She gives it to us straight in sentences like ‘I know I have been a bad one, but I’m fucked up for a reason’. She is unapologetic about it too! The personal message is packed in a laidback electronic production and her vocals are captivating as always. The chorus is actually quite mesmerizing and certainly won’t leave your head after a few listens. Welcome back Miss Berger and congratulations on your new found freedom and of course this beautiful little tune.

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