Single Review: Florrie – Real Love

florrie real love

Florrie releases another infectious pop tune
The story of British pop singer-songwriter Florrie is kind of unusual. She set the web on fire in 2010 with the release of her first solo material after working with producers team Xenomenia as a drummer and writer. She released four EPs and a long string of singles to date, but there is no sign of a debut album yet. Maybe it will come later this year as Florrie is back! Her new single ‘Real Love’ just premiered, complete with a sparkling music video! This is so good!

It is hard to see why a pop star like Florrie who has a dozen quite brilliant pop tunes to her name, hasn’t had her major break through yet. Could ‘Real Love’ be the one then? Well if there is any justice in the pop world it will. It is once again a perfectly crafted pop tune with beautiful melodic verses, an exquisite production and a more than infectious chorus, especially those ‘oh oh oh’ bits! This is the kind of pop tune that actually deserves a spot on the playlists of British radio, and the international stations for that matter. We’re rooting for you Florrie! Oh and please give us an album already!

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