Single Review: Katy B – Who Am I

Katy B Honey

Katy B is on to a hit with radiofriendly collaboration
Katy B has gained quite some successes as Britain’s urban dance queen with singles like ‘Katy On A Mission’, ‘Lights On’, ‘Crying For No Reason’ and most recently the collaboration ‘Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)’ with KDA and Tinie Tempah. She is currently promoting the upcoming release of her new project Honey and after promo single ‘Calm Down’ we now have the first official single ‘Who Am I’, featuring a production by Major Lazer and the vocals of Craig David!

This single is a lot more laidback than most of Katy’s previous work. Nothing wrong with that however as it gives her room to show off those powerful vocals of hers. ‘Who Am I’ is the romantic kind of midtempo track with an R&B vibe. She belts out quite a bit and it works well with David’s smooth vocal style. Major Lazer’s production brings the track to a higher level without taking over the complete song too much. It does its job to complement the vocals of both artists and that is exactly what a tune like this needs. It’s powerful, catchy, easy to relate to and sounds contemporary and fresh at the same time. Should be a hit right!?

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