Single Review: All Saints – One Strike

All Saints Red Flag

All Saints is back for another shot at success
The 80s and 90s kids among us will definitely remember how All Saints was one of the biggest pop acts out there around the year 2000. The girl band from the UK and Canada had huge hits with songs like ‘Never Ever’ and ‘Pure Shores’. Due to problems and fights in the group, they parted ways in 2001. In 2006 they made their first comeback with the single ‘Rocksteady’ and now, almost ten years later, they give it another shot. Last week they launched single ‘One Strike’ and the album Red Flag will be released in April. Do these ladies still have what it takes?

As we all know the music industry changes quickly and it is not easy for an act that is mainly famous for hits in the 90s to stay relevant today. How many teenagers these days will still be familiar with a song like ‘Never Ever’? It is a good sign though that All Saints didn’t do desperate attempts to sound current, but did stick to the sound that made them successful, slightly updated maybe. ‘One Strike’ is a straightforward pop tune with an understated production and a subtle melody that starts to slowly settle in your mind after a few plays. The verses immediately lure you in, but the chorus may take a little longer. It could have done with a bit more beat maybe, but the focus is on their vocals and harmonies which are still as strong as ever. I don’t think this track is strong enough to bring them back to the top of the charts, but is definitely a nice tune for the fans. Good to have them back!

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