Song of the Day: Debrah Scarlett – To Figure

Debrah Scarlett To Figure

Debrah Scarlett figures it out on her own
Debrah Scarlett brought Norway another success at the Eurovision Song Contest when the duet ‘A Monster Like Me’ with Mørland brought the country into the top 10 again in 2015. Scarlett, who initially gained fame through her participation in The Voice of Norway in 2013, did not officially release any solo material yet, until last week though, when the single ‘To Figure’ was out on iTunes and Spotify. We had to wait quite a while for this, but finally we can enjoy her voice solo in full force.

To be honest Debrah’s verse was one of my favourite moments in the whole contest in 2015, so it is great to finally hear more from her. ‘To Figure’ does not have the same dark ballad vibe as ‘A Monster Like Me’, but shows a more bluesy and even jazzy side to her voice. The track is built up brilliantly with a few subtle pace changes and it fits her distinctive vocal style perfectly. Lyrically it deals with having to figure out stuff on your own for the first time, which is of course quite fitting for a first major solo release. ‘To Figure’ is an intriguing song that already shows she is a versatile vocalist. Can’t wait to hear more!

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