Single Review: Birdy – Wild Horses

birdy beautiful lies

Birdy is mermaid in video for ‘Wild Horses’
Birdy is almost ready to put out her third album called Beautiful Lies, scheduled for release on the 25th of March. The British singer-songwriter started the new era in her career with the uplifting and incredibly catchy single ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ and released the moving title track as a second promotional track. It is now time to continue with the second official single ‘Wild Horses’, that will be promoted with quite the eye catching music video as well!

We probably all know how Birdy started her career once by covering Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’. This became her first worldwide hit, but the solo material she has written herself ever since is is quite impressive too to say the least. The captivating single ‘Wings’ from second album Fire Within was a decent hit, but definitely deserved more, just like ‘Keeping Your Head Up’, one of the best singles of the year so far if you ask me. So will ‘Wild Horses’ bring her deserved success? That is of course hard to say, but she once again delivers a single that beautifully balances emotional lyrics and a radiofriendly and memorable chorus. The song tells a story about two lovers who are not destined to be together. “I will survive and be the one who’s stronger. I will not beg you to stay. I will move on and you should know I mean it. Wild horses run in me”, she sings with her characteristic emotive vocal style. The story is translated to visuals perfectly in the music video with the romance between a human and a mermaid. Both the song and the video deserve it to be seen and heard by a large audience!

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