Single Review: Iggy Azalea – Team

Iggy Azalea Team
Iggy Azalea hits back on new single ‘Team’

Iggy Azalea experienced like no other how it feels to go from one of the most popular pop stars of the country to one of the most ridiculed. She had a huge number 1 hit with ‘Fancy’, a collaboration with Charli XCX and ‘Black Widow’ with Rita Ora managed to reach top 3 in the US as well. After this peak, her singles could not repeat these huge levels of success and she was subject to a lot of negative publicity and online scrutiny. Azalea is more than ready to hit back with ‘Team’, the first official single of her upcoming second album Digital Distortion, to be released later this year.

One of the things that people wanted to use against Iggy Azalea, is that she could only have a hit when other artists contributed a catchy chorus to her raps. She wants to show us now that she can do it all on her own, with a single that feels like her declaration of independence. “Baby I got me and that’s all I need. Baby I got me, only friend I need”, she confidently states in the infectious chorus, for which she indeed, did not need anyone else to provide vocals. Her raps are even more feisty than usual and of course we love her for that. ‘Team’ might not be the most obvious single choice as the beats are a lot sharper and harder than on her most poppy moments. On the other hand, the chorus is actually catchy enough to be played on the radio. Iggy takes a step away from pop, but still produces a hit worthy tune, which hopefully will pay off! At the moment of writing the single is on number 16 in the US iTunes top 100 which is not too shoddy at all!

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