Single Review: Adam Lambert – Welcome To The Show (feat. Laleh)

Adam Lambert Welcome to the show

Adam Lambert collaborates with Swedish pop star Laleh on new single
Adam Lambert came back last year with his third record The Original High and the first single ‘Ghost Town‘ became a big sleeper hit in Europe and Australia. Not even a year later he launches a completely new track called ‘Welcome To The Show’. The song was co-written by Swedish pop star Laleh, who also contributes the vocals to the middle-eight. The two artists performed the tune flawlessly during one of the last shows of American Idol.

‘Welcome To The Show’ starts out as a piano ballad, but soon turns into a powerful anthem with a dark beat, loud drums and a chanting chorus. The verses deal with insecurities from the past and in the chorus, Adam declares that he is going to let them stare as he is confident this time around: “So welcome to the show, bring on all the lights, let it shine on you!” These might not be the most original lyrics you have ever heard, but it works with the sound and Adam’s emotive vocals. Laleh comes in during the second chorus and gets a few lines in the middle-eight, but I would say her voice is too beautiful and unique to just sing two sentences, so a full duet might have been more appropriate. Still, ‘Welcome To The Show’ is a well written pop tune which shows of Adam’s amazing vocal range once again and it definitely is a meaningful addition to his discography.

The American Idol performance:

Studio version:

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