Song of the Day: Anna of the North – Baby

Anna of the North baby

Anna of the North pours her heart out on synth ballad
After the more than outstanding single ‘The Dreamer‘, Anna of the North topped the list of most promising new artists for this year on A Bit of Pop Music. New material from this Norwegian pop act therefore is an exciting moment and luckily she does not disappoint, at all! There is something special about this lady. Is it her captivating voice with that special emotive quality, or maybe the brutally honest lyrics? Those poppy melodies and lush productions definitely help too. Anna of the North is back with ‘Baby’ and it is a gorgeous synth ballad about the insecurities of a modern day relationship.

Let’s face it, we have all been there. That moment you are doubting, phone in your hand, if you should send that text to your crush or if it is smart to call your partner to ask how they feel. That is essentially what ‘Baby’ is all about. Anna feels nervous or insecure about her feelings and wants to know how her lover feels about it. She easily captures this fragile moment in music, in the form of a slow burning synth ballad with soaring vocals and a tangible tension in the production. It is that sort of track that whould shine on a Jessie Ware or BANKS album as well. So, so good! Oh, and if you want an opportunity to hear this live, go check out Norwegian producer and DJ Kygo’s live dates, as she will support him on his European tour dates!

Update: The video for ‘Baby’ premiered on the 16th of May and it perfectly portrays the emotions in the lyrics. Gorgeous!

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