Single Review: Jennifer Lopez – Ain’t Your Mama

Jennifer Lopez Aint Your Mama

Jennifer Lopez makes clear she is not your mama!
Jennifer Lopez has been around in the music industry for over 15 years now and she is not thinking about leaving anytime soon. After the 2014 album A.K.A. she is ready to move on to the next era, which is starting with the release of the single ‘Ain’t Your Mama’, premiered at the last final of American Idol. The famous actress, pop star and judge lets the world know that she is not willing to be treated as a stay home mum anytime soon. She ain’t your mama, y’all!

We haven’t heard J.Lo sound this sassy in quite a while and let us be honest, we quite missed that, didn’t we? Lopez might still be able to have boyfriends half her age, but that does not mean she is willing to clean up their mess. Over a swinging beat she makes clear that she is not a woman who will spend the day in the kitchen cooking your meal or the lady that does your laundry. Jennifer Lopez still very much knows where to go for current tunes, as the song she comes up with now, was apparently co-written by pop star Meghan Trainor. Her signature sound is easily recognizable on ‘Ain’t Your Mama’, but at the same time it fits J.Lo’s vocal style and persona. The choice for Dr. Luke (who is in a much talked about legal dispute with Kesha) as co-writer and producer might not be the smartest move at this very moment, but if any song could put her back on top of the international charts these days, this might be her best shot. Not a highlight in her discography, but with good timing and people warming to the independent women kind of message, this could do well for her!

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