Song of the Day: Erik Hassle – If Your Man Only Knew

Erik Hassle If Your Man Only Knew

Erik Hassle’s new single pays tribute to Aaliyah classic
Erik Hassle has been steadily releasing strong singles over the past year. There was the funky ‘No Words’ and the sensual ‘Natural Born Lovers’, but a new album still has not been announced. The Swedish singer-songwriter just continues with another great tune, titled ‘If Your Man Only Knew’. The track was officially released on Friday and pays tribute to the Aaliyah classic ‘If Your Girl Only Knew’.

Although Erik Hassle’s new song doesn’t really sample the R&B tune by the late star, lyrically Erik was definitely inspired. Hassle describes how he sees his ex with her new boyfriend, while he is sure that she still has feelings for him. The middle-eight has a subtle, but perfect pace change and heartbroken Erik sings: “I saw you on the street today, with that guy you pretend to crave. Faked smiles and I wished you well. Picked up my heart then walked away again.” Oh the feels! ‘If Your Man Only Knew’ is definitely one of the best tunes he has written and that delicious chorus deserves to make its way to the ears of many more pop lovers!

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