Song of the Day: Lauren Ray – Drive


Lauren Ray sounds sultry on laidback new single ‘Drive’
Lauren Ray is a name you might not have heard before, but the singer-songwriter is working hard to change this rather sooner than later! Ray, who grew up in South Africa, Poland and Austria, but is now based in London, is preparing the release of her debut album We Will Need Courage. It is supposed to come out this summer, but first she graces us with the brand new single ‘Drive’, which will officially be released on the 29th of April, through her very own label TAMLAN records.

After the release of the EP Paying For Love and the single ‘Come To Me’, Ray now steps up her game with ‘Drive’. The lovely ballad puts Ray’s style somewhere in between country and singer-songwriter pop. The laidback vibe of the song would have easily fit in one of Norah Jones’ millions selling albums and vocally, Ray definitely has something unique to bring to the table.  The warmth in her sultry voice makes you feel at ease the very first time you hear her sing and she knows how to take her composition to a higher level. Not that ‘Drive’ really needed it though. The chorus’ hook is strong and memorable and the sweet lyrics about “having the courage to really go for it, even though you don’t know how any new relationship will turn out” are well written. The perfect soundtrack to the dates of all fresh and new love birds out there!

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