Single Review: Tom Odell – Magnetised

Tom Odell Wrong Crowd


Tom Odell launches huge new single ‘Magnetised’
Tom Odell is on a roll, ladies and gentleman. Earlier this month he announced his comeback with the captivating and experimental title track of his upcoming second album Wrong Crowd. Not even two weeks later he delivers the first official single of the project, called ‘Magnetised’. Where ‘Wrong Crowd’ showed a more alternative side to his music, ‘Magnetised’ is basically the pop banger we never knew we needed in our life from Tom!

‘Magnetised’ is a track that has Tom’s signature sound written all over it. The piano runs through the whole track and has a significant role in the explosive chorus. The overall sound of the tune is big and dramatic and isn’t that just how we like our Odell tunes? Exactly! Well, with ‘Magnetised’, written and produced in collaboration with Rick Nowels and Jim Abbiss, we are sure in for a treat, because that chorus is humongous to say the least. It almost builds up like a modern dance tune, but then without a lazy beat and with an actual stunning melody line. His music has never sounded so powerful and poppy before, but at the same time this does not take away from the personal lyrics and emotive vocal delivery. Isn’t that perfect!? The video could be seen as a follow up to the visuals for ‘Wrong Crowd’ and it is always good to see a well thought out, cohesive album era! Great job Tom, keep ’em coming!

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