Single Review: Lauren Aquilina – Kicks

Lauren Aquilina Kicks

Lauren Aquilina presents confident new single ‘Kicks’
Although Lauren Aquilina is only 20 years old, she has already released four EPs in the past few years. The talented singer-songerwriter, born in the UK, daughter of Maltese parents, brought us the Fools, Sinners, Liars trilogy from 2012 to 2014 and returned in 2015 with the stunning single ‘Oceans’, with an accompanying EP under the same name. Aquilina is currently working on her first full length album which will be released through Island Records, hopefully sometime this year and the new single ‘Kicks’ is a first taste. She sounds more poppy than ever and of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Lauren takes her time to get even with some people in her live who didn’t always want the best for her. “‘Kicks’ is for everyone who’s ever messed me around and everyone who’s ever been messed around”, she wrote on her Facebook page. “Tell me where, where do you get your kicks? Is it from kicking me around? Cause it feels like that somehow…”, she wonders in an energetic chorus full of ‘hey!’s with an infectious melody. “I’m done being down about this”, she concludes with pride. This is one of those powerful pop tracks with an honest message, and don’t we all love them good old anthems we can sing on the top of our lungs to let out some frustration about the persons who ever treated us wrong? Thanks for that, Lauren!

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