Song of the Day: Billie Marten – Milk & Honey

billie marten milk honey

Billie Marten launches delicate new single ‘Milk & Honey’
Billie Marten made quite an impression at the end of last year when she launched her single ‘Bird’. Her mature song writing and vocal delivery is unique for her age, as she is only 16 years old and music blogs and radio stations quickly picked up on that. A Bit of Pop Music included her in the list of Most Promising Artists for 2016 and now it is finally time to hear some brand new material. Her latest single ‘Milk & Honey’ was premiered at BBC Radio 1 and is now officially out. Needless to say it is another beauty.

‘Milk & Honey’, as decribed by Billie herself, “is about the greed of people, the thoughts that we’re all sort of stuck in this consumerist frame of mind”. In the chorus she beautifully puts it like this: “you live for over-kill, but you’re ungrateful still. All you want is honey, well honey I tried, you just want more and now it’s all gone”. Combine those wise lyrics with a soaring melody and a delicate instrumentation that perfectly underlines her fragile, but angelic vocal style and what you get is an impressive new single that will definitely make her star rise even further in the coming months!

Update: Billie Marten just released the video for the track. It was inspired by a Japanese fable about a Samurai master and a Tea master. Director Rob Brandon explained:  “I love this song, the lyrics remind me of one of my favourite fables and I think the theme of the lyrics match the fables characters in a really unique way.”

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