Single Review: Alicia Keys – In Common

Alicia Keys In Common

Alicia Keys reinvents herself on new single ‘In Common’
It was quite a long wait for every Alicia Keys fan out there. After the single and album Girl On Fire, released in 2012, things got rather quiet around the singer-songwriter, but she is back! She just released her brand new single ‘In Common’, the first taste of her upcoming sixth studio album. She will perform the track live at Saturday Night Live on the 7th of May. I can already tell you that ‘In Common’ sounds like nothing she has ever done before, but it is brilliant!

The overall sound is so smooth and understated, it almost sounds like a lounge tune. The track has a beat, but it never puts Keys’ gorgeous tone in the background. While it swings, it still has quite a laidback vibe to it. The piano merges effortlessly with the beats in the chorus and her sensual vocals are right on the money here. That whispering tone in the verses, so, so good! “Who wants to love somebody like me, you want to love somebody like me. If you can love somebody like me, you must be messed up to”, Alicia sings to her lover, while making clear they got ‘way too much in common’. This is what a love song sounds like in 2016 and it is definitely impressive how Keys keeps reinventing herself. It sounds nothing like she has ever released before, but at the same time it seems exactly what she should be releasing these days. This needs to be huge!

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Update: Alicia recorded a gorgeous black and white video for ‘In Common’, which celebrates love, including all races and sexual orientations. Miss Keys herself looks absolutely stunning and the simple but effective video works perfectly with the minimal but addictive beat of the track.

Update: Travis Scott remixed ‘In Common’ with raps of himself and Kanye West. Kind of kills the vibe of the original, but oh well, if this helps for it to finally become a hit, I’m on board.

Listen here.

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