The Ultimate Adele Top 10

Adele top 10

Adele made a glorious return to pop last year with the release of the single ‘Hello’ and album 25. She is currently promoting the album with a tour in Europe and the United States and on the 5th of May she celebrates her 28th birthday. The perfect moment to look at her best 10 songs released so far!

10. When We Were Young (2015)
‘When We Were Young’ was the second track released from Adele’s third album 25. It immediately turned into a fan favourite, thanks to the sentimental nature of the lyrics and her outstanding emotional delivery. That is why we love us some Adele, right?

09. Skyfall (2012)
This is Adele’s only non-album single and was of course used as the soundtrack to the highly successful James Bond movie with the same name. This track certainly helped to give the popularity of the franchise another boost. She managed to create a track that was a suitable Bond tune and at the same time unmistakably Adele.

08. Rumour Has It (2011)
One got to love Adele’s sassy side. She showed this part of herself convincingly on this retro uptempo tune with perfect use of backing vocals. The production is A+ and the combination of Adele’s feisty delivery and lyrics, makes this into one of her most interesting singles. So, so catchy as well!

07. Cold Shoulder (2008)
This is quite a forgotten Adele single that you don’t hear often these days, but it is up there with her best if you ask me. Production wise it fitted into the trend of retro soul singers of 2008 started by Amy Winehouse, but vocally and lyrically Adele has always been able to distinguish herself from the rest. We even hear her doing a little triphop! Still a great tune today!

06. Chasing Pavements (2008)
This was the first song that the world ever heard by Adele and she already showed how she is able to write absolutely huge choruses, making it sound like she wasn’t even trying. ‘Chasing Pavements’ has such a strong hook, while telling an emotional story at the same time. Adele only really cemented her status as super star with the release of her second album, but after this song we could have known already.

05. Hometown Glory (2008)
This ode to Adele’s hometown strikes a chord with many people and no wonder why. That chorus is goosebumps inducing every single time she performs it. The verses are melodically so strong as well and her lyrics vividly paint the picture. This is Adele at her best. Give her a piano and a microphone, it is all she needs.

04. Set Fire To The Rain (2011)
Although her voice does not need anything more than a piano to guide her, we love it when she goes all bombastic on her humongous pop choruses, like ‘Set Fire To The Rain’. Her powerhouse vocals always take it to the next level and this track is just so exceptionally well written. A lot of artists would pray to release such a tune once in their career and Adele already has a handful of them to her name.

03. Hello (2015)
Talk about making a comeback. When ‘Hello’ was released, the whole world was in awe of Adele. Not only because we had been waiting for years, but also because it is an amazing song. It it is exactly what people wanted from her and more. Her vocals are larger than life in the chorus and the lyrics are so relatable to many. How does she do it!?

02. Someone Like You (2011)
‘Someone Like You’ is the favourite song of many Adele fans because of their emotional attachment to the story. You have to be stone cold inside to not be moved by this classic, right? The first time I heard this, I knew this was something very special and it is great to see people reacted so strongly to an honest artist just pouring her heart out. This track will not be forgotten anytime soon.

01. Rolling In The Deep (2011)
This is hands down one of the best pop songs ever written. The chorus of course is so powerful, again both lyrically and vocally. The production is incredibly detailed and layered and it even has a second chorus running through all of it. “You’re gonna wish you never had met me, tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep” would have been an awesome chorus, but being Adele comes with the luxury to just use it as the background. What a tune! Radio tried very hard to overplay this, but it is just not possible. This never gets old!

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