Eurovision 2016 Review: Italy: Francesca Michielin – No Degree of Separation

Francesca Michielin di20are

Francesca Michielin about to bring Italy another success story
Oh Italy! They keep delivering year after year. It is the 5th year in after their return to Eurovision and they ended up in top 10 four times and top 3 two times. They are in for another great result with Francesca Michielin. This young singer did not win the San Remo Festival, but finished as a runner up and luckily for all of us, the winner skipped on the opportunity to sing for millions of people in Europe. Now we get the gorgeous ballad ‘No Degree of Seperation’!

The song was a huge hit already in the Italian version in her home country and for Eurovision she translated one chorus to English, to appeal to everyone out there in Europe. It is a nice addition, but not very necessary, as the song conveys a lot of emotion, even without understanding a word she is singing. Her voice has that unique power where you just instantly believe every word she sings. That tone, oh man, so gorgeous. And you know what is even better? She is able to pull it off live effortlessly as well. No wonder why Italy is fastly rising in the bookmakers predictions ever since her rehearsals started.

Oh and if you are into this sort of Italian pop thing, you have to check out the re-release of her album di20are. It’s so good! It goes from big vocals on the suspenseful ballad ‘L’amore Esiste’ to extremely catchy pop on ‘Lontano’. The raw emotion bursts through your speakers on ‘Un Cuore In Due’ and she even sings a few tunes in English, including the beautiful ‘Sons and Daughters’, written by Viktoria Hansen. She could have sung half of this album and do well with it on the Eurovision stage!

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