Song of the Day: Ella Henderson -Now You Say You Love Me Again

Ella Henderson Now

Ella Henderson delivers soundtrack song for movie
While we are eagerly awaiting the sophomore album by Ella Henderson, the British pop star gives us something to enjoy while she is still busy in the studio. The X Factor star contributed to the soundtrack of the movie Despite The Falling Snow with the song ‘Now You Say You Love Me Again’. Although the track has been flying around the web for a while, it now has a music video (sort of) with emotional bits from the movie!

I have had my eyes on Ella Henderson and her strikingly beautiful, emotional vocals ever since she was on X Factor and she even exceded my high expectations with the release of the fantastic single ‘Ghost’, that brought her international fame. She released a great debut record Chapter One and after collaborations with Sigma and Kygo, ‘Now You Say You Love Me Again’ is the first new material we hear. It is a beautiful pop ballad with tension in the verses and some seriously powerful vocals in the chorus. We can work with this for a while, but please Ella, don’t make us wait too long for ‘Chapter Two’!


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