Eurovision 2016 Prediction: iTunes performance of first bunch of finalists

Austria Zoe


Russia dominates in weak iTunes performances after first semi final
Last night, the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Ten countries proceeded to the final that will take place on this Saturday. Over the past few years, we have seen that you can take into account the iTunes performances of the songs after the show, to make a predicition of what will happen during the final results. A Bit of Pop Music helps you by listing their chart performances so far!

First of all, it becomes clear that the songs of last night are not that popular in Europe just yet. Over the past years, songs would rise to the top 10 in many countries, but that did not really happen so far. Big favourite to win it, Russia’s Sergey Lazarev is currently selling the most downloads. His track ‘You Are The Only One’ charts in the top 100 in the following countries:

#1 Russia
#7 Latvia
#8 Ukraine
#16 Belarus
#21 Sweden
#39 Czech Republic
#59 Belgium
#64 Norway
#73 Austria
#83 Finland
#84 Netherlands
#90 Spain
#92 Israel

Quite surprisingly, it is Zoë from Austria who follows in a second position of the semi finalists with chart success in Sweden (14), Austria (20), Norway (37), Greece (60) and Belgium (82). Then there is Frans from Sweden, whose performance wasn’t even broadcasted completely as he already qualified for the final, thanks to last year’s win. He still managed to show up in the iTunes lists of Estonia (7), Sweden (11), Austria (35), Norway (46), Netherlands (47) and Denmark (70). The same goes for Amir from France who charted in France (7), Mauritius (11), Sweden (38), Belgium (81) and the Netherlands (92).

Then there are a few artists who do well in the charts of their own country, but did not manage to make a big impression anywhere else yet. Douwe Bob from the Netherlands is at number 2 in his own country and just made it in the top 100 at 99 in neighbour country Belgium. He also charts just outside the top 100 in a handful of countries. The same goes for Freddie from Hungary and Minus One from Cyprus who score respectively at number 8 and 1 in their own countries and are somewhere between 100 and 200 in a few other countries. The finalists from Malta, Czech Republic, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Spain and most surprisingly favourite Armenia, did not manage to chart outside their own borders yet.

Meanwhile, one of the favourites for the second semi final, Australia’s Dami Im with the power ballad ‘Sound Of Silence’, is already securing some points from Sweden (32), Norway (36) and Finland (50) without any kind of broadcasting yet!

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