Song of the Day: Margaret – Cool Me Down

Margaret Cool Me Down

Margaret aims for European hit without Eurovision
Although Michal Szpak brought Poland to a respectable 8th place in the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday (even reaching top 3 in the televoting), the expectations were even higher a few months ago, when the country was at number 1 with the bookmakers. This was all thanks to Polish pop star Margaret and her irresistibly catchy pop tune ‘Cool Me Down’. Everyone expected her to easily win the preselection and do very well on the Eurovision stage, but that never happened when her performance in Poland disappointed and Michal Szpak stole the victory. Margaret did not give up on her song though and is trying to promote it in Europe without participating in the contest.

Margaret and her team just released the official music video for ‘Cool Me Down’, showing that they are definitely not done with the track yet. Rightfully so, as this single sounds as contemporary as could be and might be her second international success after her single ‘Thank You Very Much’ already became a sleeper hit in parts of Europe in 2013. It could have been recorded by Rihanna for one of her albums prior to Anti, but still sounds like something that might set the charts on fire these days, escpecially with the summer coming around. I can definitely imagine this track being played at all sorts of holiday destinations and radio stations around Europe. The music video itself might not be the most high budget visual you will see all day, but it is definitely servicable for the type of track. Let us hope that nothing can cool Margaret down this summer!

The song already charted in the iTunes and Spotify charts of Sweden after becoming a huge hit in Poland.

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