Friday’s Five Tunes with JonnyVicious


Always wondered what pop stars themselves listen to whenever they are not on stage or writing new music? It’s time to find out! Every week, A Bit of Pop Music will bring you Friday’s Five, a selection of five favourite songs by a current artist. This week A Bit of Pop Music goes techno with the selection of favourite pop classics by JonnyVicious!

JonnyVicious is a techno DJ from Malaysia who is quickly rising in the industry. He usually fills his weeks with gigs in his city Kuala Lumpur, but his potential is now reaching across the borders with sets in Singapore, Shanghai and Bangkok. His mix of pure techno, house and some sensual soul and funk is spreading quickly, but that doesn’t mean Jonny himself is not into some great pop as well. As the 25 years old music fanatic puts it himself: “Techno DJs really listen to everything!” This week he takes us back to the greatest pop tracks he used to listen to as a kid!

“This is the tune of every kid born in the early 90’s! I remember learning the choreography for this at an age where standing in front of your TV watching MTV and dancing your heart out was the norm! This video is still hands down, one of the coolest!”

Christina Aguilera – Come On Over
“This song probably coincided with a pivotal moment in my life where I kinda knew that I was gay, singing this loud and proud so my cute neighbour would hear me and hopefully come over!”

Michael Jackson – Bad
“I mean, do I even need to explain the king of pop? This album, was hands down the baddest of them all! If you didn’t dig Michael and his smooth moves, you’re a failure to both the 80’s and the 90’s!”

Beyoncé – Upgrade U (feat. Jay Z)
B’day is still my feel good album since 2006. I blast it almost every day while having a shower and twerking my ass off with hopes that I don’t fall and break my legs. This song makes me go, “bitch, you’d be upgraded in a heartbeat”. Thank you Bae, queen Bae, ba- Bae, Bae!”

Missy Elliott – Gossip Folks
“Man, this is my ultimate dancefloor anthem. I remember dancing to this once in an uber tight pair of tennis shorts, I got reaaaally low, the kinda of low that low don’t know, and there it was, the rip everyone dreads, loud and powerful! I continued dancing though, because the show MUST GO ON!”

That was a great trip down memory lane Jonny! Now take a listen to one of Jonny’s recent mixes and follow him on Soundcloud and Facebook!

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