EP Review: Astrid S – Astrid S

Astrid S EP

Astrid S’ debut EP is the birth of a pop star
Because we can never have enough amazing female pop stars from Scandinavia, Norway throws the next one at us. Astrid S is her name and she broke through in her home country in 2013, when she reached fifth place in Pop Idol. She released a few singles after the show, but it was only recently that her career took a flight with international attention for her brand of slick electronic pop music. She launched the hit worthy single ‘Hurts So Good’, went on tour with Troye Sivan and now drops┬áher extremely strong debut EP. This is the birth of a pop star!

From start to finish, the EP is incredible. All five tracks are outstanding in their own right and they all have hit potential, whether it is in the original version or maybe a remix. The EP opens with the first single ‘Paper Thin’, released at the end of 2015. The light electro pop track is catchy as hell and showcases her emotive vocal style perfectly. I wrote about second single ‘Hurts So Good’ before, but let me tell you again that this is one of the best pop songs I have heard in a while with a perfectly melodic and emotive chorus that many established pop acts would kill for.

Astrid S shows she dares to take things a little more alternative and electronic with ‘Jump’, a track that would have not been misplaced on the new Flume record. Both the build up and the production are edgy and showcase Astrid S’ potential perfeclty. ‘Atic’ is a straightforward pop record with an irresistibly catchy chorus and a laidback beat and last track ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ serves some serious scandi pop melancholia. The whole EP is even more impressive when you realize that the young Astrid co-wrote most of the tracks. Remember her name, as she might reach Zare Larsson and Tove Lo’s levels of popularity pretty soon!

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