Single Review: The Veronicas – In My Blood

the veronicas in my blood

The Veronicas come back with catchy electronic single
The Veronicas are back! The Australian pop sisters who enjoyed huge worldwide success back in 2007 when their track ‘Untouched’ became a hit, are ready for the next chapter in their career. The girls came back successfully in 2014 when single ‘You Ruin Me’ reached number 1 in their home country. They are hoping to strike again with ‘In My Blood’, the first single coming from a yet to be announced fourth studio album. The striking visuals of them topless covered in what looks like purple glitters (or maybe blood?), which are used for both the music video and the cover art, will definitely draw attention to this hit worthy new single!

‘In My Blood’ marks their return to electronic, danceable pop music after their single ‘Lolita’ did not match the success that was hoped for. This of course was an absolute disgrace as the song had an a-ma-zing hook and the production, although loud and in your face, sounded contemporary. This time around they went with a somewhat more relaxed and breezy vibe. The track starts out with a piano rhythm that is melted with a dance beat. This straightforward instrumentation makes room for their harmonies when they belt out: “We don’t have to wait all night to know if this is really love. We don’t have to wait all night, cause I can feel you in my blood”. Such a strong hook, but wait till you hear what is next! The catchiest part of the track hits you when they repeat ‘blo-o-o-o-o-od’ with a lot of vocal effects. Man oh man, this is not going to leave my head in forever, now is it? Give these girls another international hit!

Update: The Veronicas just launched the brilliantly trippy and RED video!

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