Single Review: Aura – Love Somebody

Aura Love Somebody

Aura launches first single from third album
This woman has surely been testing our patience over the past couple of years. You are probably thinking now: do we know her already? You might! Aura has been active in the music industry with some big European successes under the name Aura Dione. The Danish singer-songwriter and pop star hasn’t been releasing anything new ever since she dropped her second album in 2011(!!) though. Now she started a new chapter that will hopefully result in a third record later this year. The first single is called ‘Love Somebody’ and yes, it is as catchy as you would expect.

It is not entirely clear why Aura dropped her ‘last name’ (Aura Dione is a stage name, as she was born as Maria Louise Joensen), but she probably wants a fresh start. Let us hope she does not forget about the quite brilliant and successful (especially in Germany) singles ‘I Will Love You Monday (365)’, ‘Geronimo’ and ‘Friends’ she dropped between 2009 and 2012. Compared to these hits, ‘Love Somebody’ sounds a tad more electronic and the guitars are left out this time. The repetition of ‘love somebody’ in the chorus is infectious and the high pitched vocal effect sample works well. It might not be the banger people were hoping for, but this more subtle pop song with a positive message (‘love thy neighbour’), does find its way into your mind after a few spins. If people haven’t forgotten about her yet, this should put her back in the charts, at least in Germany and Denmark.

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