Song of the Day: Cilia – Hardcore Heartbreak

Cilia hardcore heartbreak

Cilia steps up her game with new single ‘Hardcore Heartbreak’
Cilia is an upcoming pop star who has released three singles over the past year. After the impressive and promising pop tunes ‘Clearly’, ‘Wilder Than The Wind’ and ‘Silhouettes in Slow Motion’ she is now promoting the fourth track ‘Hardcore Heartbreak’. She steps up her game here with an even more anthemic pop melody. This might be the track she needs to force a big breakthrough.

‘Hardcore Heartbreak’ is pop in its most straightforward form. The track seems to follow a predictable structure and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that when it is executed so flawlessly. Cilia does still have trick up her sleeve when the second chorus finishes. The track bursts into an explosive post chorus that is one of the best pop moments I have heard in a while. This is up there with the releases of the major pop stars, so here’s hoping Cilia will attract the same amount of listeners soon!

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