10 pop acts we need back in our lives ASAP


Creating good music sometimes takes its sweet time. Look at Adele, who needed almost five years to release the follow up 25 to one of the best sold albums of our time, 21. We sure hope not all these artists are going to need such a long period to come up with a new record, because we have been waiting long enough! These are the 10 pop acts we need back in our life, right now!

Lorde took the world by storm in 2013 with her worldwide hit ‘Royals’ and the successful debut album Pure Heroine. Singles ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Team’ showed how insanely talented she is for her tender age (she was 17 back then), in writing, performing and creating a sound for herself that stands out. She continued with ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack and recorded ‘Magnets’ with Disclosure last year. That collaboration showed us again why we miss her and why we need her back. If she can grow even more on this second album, it will sure be one of the best records of the year. Unfortunately there is no word yet on a release date or title.

Frank Ocean
Frank, where are you? Don’t leave us hanging like that! After his immensely praised channel ORANGE from 2012, a long silence followed. He teased the release of a project called Boys Don’t Cry to be released in July 2015, but that never saw the light of today. Every now and then we get some news from one of his collaborators, but none of them seem to really know when we can hear the follow ups to the heartbreaking single ‘Thinkin Bout You’ and masterpiece ‘Pyramids’. Frank himself disappears from everyone’s radar whenever he feels like it, so eagerly waiting for that second album is sadly our only option.

The three sisters Haim made a big impact in 2013 when they launched their debut album Days Are Gone, filled with hits like ‘Forever’, ‘Falling’, ‘Don’t Save Me’ and ‘The Wire’. Their brand of smooth, contemporary guitar pop with some electronic influences, is still very much contemporary in 2016, so we need them back as soon as possible. That would mean new live dates as well and they rock on stage! Of course we would like to see another side of the girls, but don’t change that winning formula all too much. We don’t need more of that Calvin Harris collaboration at least. The girls recently premiered some new songs live during a concert so a new album this year should be possible.

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars is surely testing our patience, as his last album, Unorthodox Jukebox, already came out four years ago, in 2012. We can forgive him for now because ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ is one of the best pop songs released over the past few years. He managed to make the wait feel a little less long thanks to his Mark Ronson collaboration ‘Uptown Funk’ being everywhere at the beginning of 2015, but it is about time for something new now, you hear me Bruno!? A third album for example!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga went through quite some harsh backlash when her third studio album ARTPOP was launched. Critics and some fans were disappointed with her new work and herself buidling it up as the best album ever, didn’t really help. Over the past year Gaga did a lot to reboost her popularity by appearing as an actress in the fifth season of popular series American Horror Story. She recorded an album with Tony Bennett and was nominated for an Oscar with the track ‘Till It Happens To You’. She should not let her momentum be killed and wait too long. We need something just as good as ‘Bad Romance’ or ‘Paparazzi’ if possible. And remember to not announce it as the best thing ever again, Gaga! Album four might well be a make it or break it moment for Gaga as one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

After his incredible world wide hit ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ featuring Kimbra from 2011, Gotye disappeared. We need him to come back as soon as possible to not be remembered as a one day fly! Songs like ‘Hearts A Mess’ and ‘Eyes Wide Open’ show that the producer and singer-songwriter from Australia with roots in Belgium, born as Wouter de Backer, has so much more to offer. After a little online digging I found out that he recorded a new album with his band The Basics last year. Now that is all done, he can focus on that fourth Gotye record we need so badly after the fantastic Making Mirrors.

Miley Cyrus
Sometimes we need a controversial figure to shake things up a bit in the pop landscape and who better to turn to than Miley Cyrus? The pop star who broke through as Hannah Montana radically changed her image with her album Bangerzthat brought us fantastic tunes like ‘Wrecking Ball’, ‘We Can’t Stop’ and ‘Drive’. She returned in 2015 with the free album Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz, which she put online after hosting the 2015 MTV VMAs. Although this psychedelic and trippy effort was a brave and interesting project, we are still waiting for her glorious and without a doubt head-turning return to pop. She will be a judge on the next season of The Voice US and wouldn’t that be the perfect opportunity to promote a new album?

Ella Henderson
After her too early exit from X Factor UK, Ella Henderson disappeared from the public eye to work on her debut album Chapter One and she impressed internationally with the fantastic debut single ‘Ghost’. The album showed her versatility as an artist and incredible talent as a songwriter. In the meantime she built her international profile doing collaborations with Sigma and Kygo. She is teasing her fans with some sneak peaks in the studio where she is working on her second record. Recently an Ella song taken from a soundtrack surfaced online and it made us realize how much we need her gorgeous vocals back. Surely a 2016 release should be possible.

Robyn has been a bit all over the place in the past few years, but the only place we really need her to be is in the studio recording new solo material. After the outstanding Body Talk trilogy from 2010(!!!), she hasn’t really released anything on her own again and that is a damn shame. We have to admit her collaboration EP with Röyksopp from 2014 was decent, especially ‘Do It Again’ is a fantastic tune, but it did not reach Robyn’s solo levels. The same goes for the Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique EP from 2015. Listen Robyn, you cannot just overload us with amazingness in 2010 and then let us wait for 6 years, ok?

Katy Perry
We are giving Katy Perry the benefit of the doubt for now. Her album Prism was disappointing to say the least, but she showed before she has the potential to be a brilliant pop star with an edge. Her Teenage Dream album was a huge success and brought forward some true classics, but it is time to step away from the generic pop without personality. The disappointing sales of the later singles of Prism prove this. ‘Dark Horse’ was by far the most interesting thing she did in the past few years and we need more of the less predictable tunes. We know she can do it, so a fourth album is still an exciting perspective. A 2016 release would seem logical looking at her pace before, but nothing is confirmed yet.

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