Single Review: Demi Lovato – Body Say

demi lovato body say

Demi Lovato returns to form with ‘Body Say’
Demi Lovato doesn’t show signs of slowing down just yet. Not even a year ago she launched her album Confident, but she is already on to the next one! Last summer she was all over the radio with her smash hit ‘Cool For The Summer’, which was quite a brilliant pop moment. Unfortunately she did not keep that quality up with the next single and the rest of the album, so she is more than welcome to try again with some new material. The brand new track is called ‘Body Say’ and this time around she takes a more subtle approach.

Where both singles ‘Cool For The Summer’ and ‘Confident’ were quite loud in your face pop bangers, she chose a different strategy this time. ‘Body Say’ is more of an understated pop jam with a subtly catchy melody that slowly but steadily makes its way into your head after a couple of listens. The lyrics are smart and quite explicitly sexual and vocally she keeps it a little more relaxed this time, which is nice after the over singing that did not do her previous album any favours. This sensual tone suits her well! I expect this to take over radio step by step over the summer!

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